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Backpack And Animal Blessing Saturday Oct 3 & Sunday Oct 4

Bring your backpack and your pets to share in the blessings and joy

Backpack and Pet Blessing
Now that school is back in full force, why not make sure we send our little scholars out with something extra special? On Saturday, October 3rd and again on Sunday, October 4th, we will bless all backpacks and any other such carrying cases.

Far be it from us to forget our beloved pets. To honor and celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, who found such joy in God’s creatures, we, too, will celebrate our pets with a special blessing.

Parents: make sure your kids bring their backpacks and pets. Kids: remind your folks so they don’t forget to remind you!

Any time we can share in a blessing, well my friends, this is truly a good, right and holy thing.


Father Manny: It Was A Stormy Friday Night…

Autumn is a glorious time of the year. Summer surrenders itself to the calling of the pre-winter season. All that is green is to turn; blushing red and orange so bright and beautiful, our eyes just can’t take it all in. We assume a picture will capture fall’s beauty but sadly, no true justice is done. These colors, these burning hues and robin’s-egg-blue skies are almost surreal, just too stunning to be true. The colors are authentic: they are real just as God’s presence in our world, just and God’s presence in our lives is real. For me, when I take in these colors, when I breath in the post-summer air I feel different. I feel more alive, more free, more part of the coming and going of the seasons and time itself. The heavens are screaming out at us, “hey, watch what we can do…listen, hear what we have to say.”

Father Manny150

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The Right Reverend Michael Curry

The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, Bishop of North Carolina, has been elected the 27th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Bishop Curry will be the fifth southern bishop and the first African-American leader of the church.

Meeting at St Mark’s Cathedral in Salt Lake City, the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church on 27 June 2015 elected Bishop Curry on the first ballot and received 121 votes, defeating the Bishop of Connecticut, the Rt. Rev. Ian Douglas who received 13 votes and the Bishop of Southern Ohio, the Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal who received 19 votes; and the Rt. Rev. Dabney Smith, Bishop of Southwest Florida who received 21 votes.

Born in Chicago and reared in Buffalo, New York, Bishop Curry was educated at Hobart College and trained for the ministry at the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. Ordained deacon in June and priest in December 1978 in the Diocese of Western New York, Bishop Curry served as deacon in charge, then rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Winston-Salem in the Diocese of North Carolina from 1978-1982. He served as rector of St Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church in Lincoln Heights, Ohio from 1982-1988; and from 1988 to 2000 as rector of St James African Episcopal Church in Baltimore–the oldest African-American Episcopal parish in the South. (Author: George Conger)

Congratulations and know that the Church and all the faithful shall raise your name in prayer and wish you well in your new and challenging ministry.

More information via The Episcopal Cafe

Marriage Equality – The Law of the Land, Soon A Liturgy In The Church

Episcopal Church Supports Marriage Equality

SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) By an overwhelming majority in both of its legislative houses, the Episcopal Church made history Wednesday (July 1) by making marriage for same-sex couples available throughout the church.

The actions on marriage equality came after decades of progress toward fully including LGBT Episcopalians in the work and witness of the church.

Meeting in Salt Lake City for its 78th General Convention, the House of Deputies concurred with the House of Bishops to approve a canonical change that eliminates a written definition of marriage as between a man and a woman and authorizes two new marriage rites for same-sex or opposite-sex couples.

Taken together, these actions make marriage — which the Supreme Court ruled last week is a “fundamental right” for all Americans — equally available for all Episcopalians.

Read More at Religion News Service and ThinkProgress.

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