Welcome Home

You see my friends, taking care of this body of ours, the “temple’ which God has provided is as important as the prayers we offer, the songs we sing and the gathering as a community in the physical space we call St. Nicholas Church. The church structure at 1072 Ridge Avenue is where we celebrate our Christian faith, in our storied and historical Anglican tradition. But, our bodies are what God has designed, molded and shaped and it carries our mortal life. Without our life, we are memories and memories can not worship, can not fill a church, can not sing God’s praises. No. We have to be good to this temple we call our body and make sure it is rested when tired, fed when hungry, given water when thirsty, educated often, exercised often, cleaned and yes, even pampered. too. We do the same for our church structure, do we not? We clean it. We update those things that need updating and repairing. We protect the investment we have been given. And, we gather as a community of faith, a people of God, friends and neighbors with one another to worship and socialize.

So, in a round-about way — and not to sound like a public-service message — I ask us all to take good care of ourselves, please. Be good to the temple God has placed our life within so we can, for many, many years to come, gather and celebrate, worship and socialize at that lovely church on Ridge Avenue in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, okay? I think I’ll go for a healthy walk and say my prayers as I go. Anyone wish to join me? All are welcome!

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Online Calendar Supports iCal and has an RSS feed

Our calendar is now online! Not only will you be able to see what’s on the horizon, you’ll also be able to request email reminders for events and subscribe to a live feed of the calendar with any product supporting the iCal format. It’s also available on our Calendar page, along with a “This Week at St Nick’s” item in the left margin.

Message of Support for Marriage Equality in Illinois from Bishop Jeffrey

The scriptures tell us to testify to what we have seen, and in communities and congregations across our diocese, we have seen that extending legal protection and respect to same-sex couples has created stronger, happier households and contributed to the common good. Now in Illinois, the respect afforded by civil unions has been extended to the dignity of true equality. I rejoice that it is now easier for our gay and lesbian sisters and brothers to order their lives together, to care for one another and to raise children in a stable home. Justice has been done. – The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, Episcopal Bishop of Chicago

To read Bishop Jeffrey’s statement in full, visit Episcopal Diocese of Chicago: Bishop Lee on Marriage Equality in Illinois

You Are Always Welcome at St Nicholas

Be a part of the Community of St Nicholas! Attend a support group meeting, volunteer at our twice-monthly food pantry, or come just as you are to worship Saturday evenings at 4:30PM (informal and friendly), or Sunday mornings at 10AM (somewhat more formal, but just as friendly).


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