Blessing of Easter Food: Saturday 12pm


The blessing of Easter foods is a time-treasured tradition in many parts of the world.  We at St. Nicholas have embraced this tradition, too.

On Saturday, April 4th at 12 Noon in the church, all are invited to bring their Easter foods for a seasonal blessing.  Meats, vegetables, fruits, sweets and savory items…all will be blessed.

“Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water.”  -Exodus 23:25

News From Nick Taking The Week Off



There will be no issue of News from Nick next week.  Have a most blessed Easter week!

Shout Outs: Holy Week Heroes


Thank You125

To Hal and Steve who transformed the worship space to the colors of Holy Week…the church looks beautiful, gentlemen.

To Jeff Westerheide and Gary Lackey, two of our fearless food pantry team members who hauled in another large load of canned goods and staples to replenish our sadly barren shelves…way to go, gentlemen.

For Jim, our faithful friend who helped organize and clean out some of our closet spaces…you are a man of many talents and seemingly unlimited energy!