Like To Decorate? Help Us Create The Angel Tree 2014



It’s almost time…the great feast of the Nativity is almost upon us. So, it’s time we get the church ready.

On Sunday, December 21st after the 10am Liturgy, we invite everyone to stick around and help put up the rather large Angel Tree and all the decorations. Bring along some snacks if you’d like. All are welcome to share in the fun.

Prayers of the People: At Christmastime



For Bob D., that he may recover fully from the surgery to his foot/ankle and is ‘up and around,’ pain free and mobile in no time at all. Stay strong, Bob.

For an end to the senseless violence and destruction we commit against one another…may peace reign now and forever.

For the beloved creatures we are called to care for: pray that all animals are treated with dignity and love.

For those who experience depression and sadness during the holiday season: may light, peace and happiness fill their hearts and minds and guide them to a better place.

For all our St. Nicholas community members who are under the weather and in need of healing and prayers: may they find peace and be blessed with sound and better health: Joanne M., Connie N., Vernon F., Richard and Mary G., Eunice D., Dick D., Cerna R., Dale R., Tony B., Paula O., Jim L., Jackie, Chris, Cathy W., Ed B., Carrie, June, Harry and any one else in need of our continued prayers and well wishes.

*** “Pray for the Support Groups that meet at St. Nicholas.”

(**written prayer requests)

Honor A Loved One With Flowers



Each Christmas and Easter at St. Nicholas we invite the community to honor and remember our dearly departed loved ones with flowers.

We are nearing the joyful feast of the Nativity of Jesus. If you like to provide funding for flowers to festoon the church, please know how grateful we are.

Place your donation in a specially marked envelope with your name, the name(s) of those you wish to remember and the amount of your offering. You may place this in the collection basket at the weekend services or you can pass it on to Manny.

In advance, thank you one and all. Let’s make Christmas truly merry with beautiful flowers that give honor to our loved ones as well as praise and glory to the New Born King.