Moveable Feast

The sign-up sheet is filling up but there is still plenty of room for others to join in and be part of this church-wide experience. Movable Feast is both social and business: we gather as friends and church family, to enjoy time together as we share a common meal. It is also "business," as we will discuss matters that are relevant to our church, discuss particular questions that pertain to our current condition and our hopes for the future. We need at least 12 individuals or families to make this come to fruition. Small groups will be formed, at random, and once a month, one member of each group will host a simple dinner at their home for the other members of their small group. We'd like to begin after Easter, perhaps in April. If you are unable to host at your home...fear not! The kitchen and Hall at St. Nicholas are always available on Friday nights. A good time is a guarantee! Please consider being part of this activity as it is important to our journey as a faith community and our future as a church.

Holy Week at St Nicholas


Come. Worship. Pray. Prepare for the Great Feast.

There is no greater event in the Church than the celebration of the Great Easter Feast. In order to get to that most holy of days, we must first journey through the week we call holy. Easter and Holy Week The schedule is as follows:
  • March 20, Palm Sunday: 10am
  • March 24, Maundy Thursday: 7pm
  • March 25, Good Friday: 7pm
  • March 26, Holy Saturday and the Easter Vigil: 8pm
  • March 27, Easter Sunday: 10am
Please, we encourage and warmly invite one and all to come and be part of our Triduum Services. Let us rejoice, for our Lord is truly risen! ( NOTE: There are no 4:30 Services on Saturday, March 19 and March 26 )

Making Palm Crosses – Come And Learn How!


Palm Cross
It is an art-form, an enjoyable activity in which everyone can take part...making crosses from palm leaves. On Saturday, March 19th at 10am, Penny Mandziara welcomes one and all to come join in the fun of weaving those lovely little crosses from palm leaves. Let's put a pot of coffee on, share conversation and time with friends and get to weaving! We shall gather in the Hall...and again, all are welcome.