The Biggest Religious Group In Illinois…

… Isn’t religious at all, it’s “unaffiliated.” That’s a challenge!

Is there someone you know who is looking for community, support, or for some greater meaning in their life? Invite a friend to an event, or to a service during Lent. It’s a great time in the church year to make a fresh start or go in a more spiritual direction.

Jesus calls us to care for one another and remember the poor. He makes His lonely way in the wilderness for 40 days. If you follow in His footsteps, don’t you want a friend or two along for company?

Many states in the US, even states with a reputation for relatively high church attendance, show “unaffiliated” in first or second place in terms of religious groups.

What are your friends doing Sunday mornings? Invite them for coffee (and church) and see what happens!

Huffpost: The Largest Religious Groups In America

Ash Wednesday 7PM February 18


Ashes in the form of a cross

All are welcome at a service of imposition of ashes, with special music, at 7pm.

Ash Wednesday February 18 at 7pm


Ash Wednesday Nature has four seasons, all of which are very distinguishable, one from another. So it goes with the Church as the calendar is broken up into a number of “seasons.” Ash Wednesday begins the 40-day period of Lent. This is a wonderful opportunity made gift to us for deeper, more intimate personal prayer and reflection.

All are invited and encouraged to attend our Ash Wednesday Service at 7pm Wednesday evening, February 18. Let us begin this most holy of seasons with the mark upon our forehead and the Spirit deep within our hearts. All are certainly welcome.