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Father Manuel "Manny" Borg is the Vicar of St Nicholas, Elk Grove Village

The Vicar’s Corner: Opportunity Knocks, Will You Answer?

The Choir of St Nicholas, 2013

The choir is hard at work preparing, training and rehearsing. Their gift of music and song uplifts our Sunday Liturgy…for we are encouraged to “sing and dance before the tabernacle.” Soon, they will be releasing another CD for our listening and sharing pleasure and just in time for the holiday season.

Our Saturday Liturgy has a three-speared effort of music with Mary, Hal and Tony all taking one Saturday each month with a “said liturgy” filling out the Saturday calendar. These dedicated musicians, along with each member of the choir all give so much of themselves to help beautify and make more glorious our worship and celebration of our Christian faith and Episcopal identity. Our choir members, along with Hal and Tony willingly and gratefully volunteer their time and talents to make St. Nicholas such a welcoming, joyful place to worship. And we are all grateful and humbled by their efforts and shared talents.

Brandon Garcia

Brandon continues to prepare the worship programs we all use. He does an amazing job considering he is a full-time high school senior, athlete, choir member and not to mention the chores for which he is responsible at home. Yet, he finds and makes time to volunteer and prepare the program for our use. Soon, we hope to have a couple more members of the community learn how to share in this ministry.


Hal serves as our Verger…a position for which he studied and prepared. He gives this ministry serious time, effort and cost as he gives back to St. Nicholas as St. Nicholas gives back to him.

Pat Kalicki, Douglas VanHouten, and Robert DeHaven share a laugh

Members of the Bishop’s Committee, the Building Committee, the Liturgy Team, Children’s and Youth Formation, Food Pantry Team…all give of themselves, with a spirit of willingness while generously sharing of their gifts so others can be blessed and rewarded.


People who volunteer to make coffee, to bake bread, to clean the facility, to mow the lawns, to tend to the gardens, who pull out and cut down shrubs and bushes…each and every one of these beautiful people do so because they care. It is with the same joyful dedication our sisters and brothers share in the reading of the lessons and the sharing of the Cup at our liturgies. Tom Smith and Pat Kalicki bring Jesus to our home-bound members…Jesus travels well and He loves to visit and be with us!

Donations of supplies help St Nicholas devote resources to other ministries

So many of our parish family share their treasures with the church, too. Pledging, open plate offerings and making visits to the Giving Tree…all this goes so very far in securing our present day and future endeavors. These gifts are essential, are necessary and are what keep our doors open, lights on and music playing. No one likes to “talk money,” but we do in casual and simple style because we must do so. Without the financial assistance, we we fade away…we cease to exist. And this, my friends, simply is not part of our plan…this is not in the equation. No sir. No ma’am. We do all this and more because we care…because we love this place…because this is what we are commissioned to do as Christians and members of a faith community.


My friends, there are so many opportunities to be part of this church. Physical presence is a fine start and trust me, I love seeing everyone! Our church is so much more beautiful when we are in there…singing, worshiping, greeting one another at the Sign of Peace, opening our hands and hearts as we say ‘Amen…Yes I believe.’ Yet, there is more we can do. Think of a ministry in which we may wish to be more engaged…choir, baking bread, teaching our children, reading the lessons, preparing the worship programs, cleaning and caring for the facility, volunteering at the food pantry the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, preparing Coffee Hour on Sundays…you name it, the opportunity is there. Lastly, I ask us all to consider strongly and sincerely the requests that lay before us in the annual Stewardship Drive and the Capital Campaign. Help us keep St. Nicholas moving forward and onward…sustaining and securing a bright, beautiful and bountiful future for us all.

Amen…Yes I believe!



Father Manny150

Father Manny: Walking, Praying, Staying On and Off The Trail

This weather of late has been remarkably wonderful…almost “perfect” if you ask me. Not much in our world comes close to being perfect. So when such near-perfect weather presents itself, we are to make full and good use of it.

Hiking boots on, I ventured to a small but rather rugged forest preserve just a stone’s throw from our home. The place is a year-round refuge for outdoor folks; hiking, fishing, camping and cross-country skiing, too. It is a wonderful spot. I decided to take the longer path; lots of hills and some sharp curves were on the agenda but I was not to be deterred.

St. Nicholas Church provides us a safe place to worship, to gather with family and friends around a Common Table, the altar, where we have Jesus presented to us from humble, earthly gifts of bread and wine. Through the sacred words of consecration and God’s divine intervention, Jesus is afforded us and we partake in the banquet. Drama of the highest degree!

The sun was out, God was in God’s heaven and all was well in my little world. I began the power walk right into the woods: the journey commenced. As I walked I prayed; sometime silently and sometimes aloud, as if I were announcing my Creed to the creatures of the forest. I was in a zone. I walked fast and and I walked hard. I stayed focused on the trail but not really paying too much mind to what trail I was actually taking. Eventually, it dawned on me that I was no longer on a “marked trail,” but into the damp, muddy and swampy fields. The cattails were tall…I mean really tall. I kept walking on what appeared to be another hiker’s footprints. I figured they must have gotten out some how as I saw no body laying amidst the tall grasses and other growth. And I kept walking. It wasn’t that I was scared, mind you. I knew I’d get out eventually. After all, I could still hear the truck traffic on the main road. I figured if I could hear the trucks and determine from whence they came, I’d head in that direction and I’d be safe. Well, it’s not that easy when a forest and swamp lands intercept your path. I was sweating and my heart was pounding…okay, maybe I was just a little “concerned.” I left my cell phone in the car…that was smart. So much for emergency use. But, behold, just before me, past a group of evergreen trees I could see the bend of the gravel road that would lead to the parking area. Success. I had survived. Truly, it was not all that dramatic a situation. However for poetic license, I had to make it sound dramatic, right?

When it comes to church, there is a friendly familiarity to what we do. We know of what we commemorate, of what we celebrate. We recall Jesus’ breaking of the bread and the pouring of the wine with His disciples. We have heard the Lessons from Sacred Scripture. Some passages are very dear to us and perhaps some passages not so catching or memorable. And yet, we come each week and some thing “new,” some thing “wonderful” happens. We are refreshed. We are rejuvenated. We are made gift of God’s unique and loving grace yet again. This is why our worship is so dramatic…so dynamic…it is never the same…it is ongoing, varying and flowing.

St. Nicholas Church provides us a safe place to worship, to gather with family and friends around a Common Table, the altar, where we have Jesus presented to us from humble, earthly gifts of bread and wine. Through the sacred words of consecration and God’s divine intervention, Jesus is afforded us and we partake in the banquet. Drama of the highest degree!

It is our sacred responsibility to make sure St. Nicholas stands tall and remains just such a safe place for ourselves, our children and the generations that are to follow. Preserving our church today secures a solid and sound tomorrow. Please pray and consider with generosity, kindness and love the current requests of our Stewardship Drive and Capital Campaign. Let’s make sure we keep St. Nicholas on the right path…the path to a long, enduring and successful future.

God bless us, one and all.



Father Manny150

P.A.D.S Community Meal September 19 at Christus Victor Lutheran Church


“Providing Advocacy, Dignity and Shelter,” more commonly known as P.A.D.S., not only serves the area’s poor and homeless with safe and clean overnight shelter, P.A.D.S. also provides fun and filling meals.

On September 19th, St. Nicholas will be part of this ministry for the first time. We will provide the meal which will be served at Christus Victor Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The menu: mostaccioli with sausage or meat balls, green salad, dinner roles and/or French bread, cookies and/or brownies, chips and lemonade. St. Nicholas will supply the green salad while Vince and Jeff will bring the chips. Who is ready for some baking and cooking?

Our own Vince Ortero and Jeff Westerheide will coordinate this event. Jeff, Vince and our Laura Lampe have long been involved in this very important and necessary ministry. There is always room for more helping hands!

The sign-up sheet is in the gathering space at church. All are welcome to come and be part of this village-wide gathering.

God bless us, one and all.



Father Manny150