Consent Needed from the Community: Video and audio taping of our worship and celebrations


We have a wonderful choir. We have engaging and lively worship. On occasion, we would like to videotape and audio record particular events.

However, we also need the consent and approval of the Community of St. Nicholas. The Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese has instituted a program called “Keeping God’s People Safe,” which requires of us to be mindful of what we record, where and when we place such recordings and the necessity of the community’s consent.

Thus, we will have a consent form present at the weekend Worship Services for the next few weeks. The form will ask each of us if we agree to have occasional video and audio recordings done at St. Nicholas for the purpose of placing said recordings on our webpage and a few other sites that feature churches offering their programs for others to see and hear. We ask everyone to please take a moment, read the form and, if you are in agreement, provide your consent by signing the form.

Your cooperation is requested and appreciated. In advance, thank you one and all.

2015 Pledge Fulfillment Running Below Expectation

A request to consider how we can all help

People of St Nicholas

We all have responsibilities that require of us our time, our talents and our treasures. Our church is no different.

Currently, our 2015 pledge actuals figure is below where we need to be. Certainly, we understand all too well that circumstances change, finances are not always available and we may not be as able to share as we desire. Please, we understand, truly we do.

However, do not hesitate in talking with us. We are here to help and assist. We are a people of faith and we believe that God always provides. Please contact either of our wardens, Jessica Tamaski and Penny Mandziara; our Finance Team of Ray Malecek and Bob Kalicki; or our vicar Manny for guidance and assistance.

Thank you, one and all, for the sacrifices made to St. Nicholas which allow us to continue to provide ministry, the Sacraments and service to so many.

God bless us, one and all.