Shout Outs


Thank You125

To Connie Nicholson and Marilyn Brown who endured heat, bugs and monster weeds as they continued to work their magic on the front and south side gardens.  You are amazing!

To the Williams Family: Earl, LaWayne, Tameica and Eason who once again made our church bathrooms sparkle and shine…great work, dear friends and many thanks from us all.

To those who helped out at Little Boots Rodeo and braved the salty and smelly oyster water:  you all represented St. Nicholas so admirably and with such grace and style.  Pat Kalicki, Tess, Neal, Jillian and Shannon Setchell, Penny and Hank Mandziara and Douglas VanHouten . . . Thank you, one and all.

To Cherryl Holt who shared information and her wonderful company with us last weekend:  thank you for the material regarding the Lay Chaplaincy Program and your kind and encouraging words.  May your ministry flourish as many others become part of this very important work.

To those who contribute to our food pantry, who purchase copier paper, coffee and other supplies used daily at our church…your kindness and generosity is so warmly and greatly appreciated.


Vicar’s Corner: One Amazing And Uplifting Gathering

To reiterate something I wrote last week: ‘no one really likes having to attend a meeting.’ Then again, last Sunday’s St. Nicholas Annual All-Parish Meeting was not your “run-of-the-mill” meeting. Absolutely not. What we had was one amazing and uplifting gathering. When all was said and done and the closing prayer was said, truthfully, I hated to see everyone leave. There is a comfort, a sense of belonging when we’re gathered together; as a community, as a family of believers. What a joy it is for me to have this divine opportunity to serve such a church and such a wonderful community.

So much was accomplished in a relatively short period of time. We elected our new members to the Bishop’s Committee. Two delegates and two alternates to the 2015 Diocesan Convention have been elected. We discussed the updates to our church and what is yet to come. Finances were talked about, openly and with full transparency. We talked about where we want our church to be, what we envision for our house of worship and our dreams of what could well come to be. There was a lengthy conversation about our desire to become a “parish,” to drop the term “mission” from our title. There are both pros and cons to this move. However, there seems to be a rather strong and healthy head of steam for us to pursue this very matter. We will move carefully, judiciously and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As members were sharing their thoughts and concerns, I took some liberty and looked out at the many faces that filled the Hall. Certainly, I was paying attention to what was being said, be assured of that. However, looking out at this, my parish family, I felt such an overwhelming sense of pride, of happiness and a love that is so rare and special.

My friends, we did ourselves proud. We accomplished much, we focused our attention to the work that was before us, we ate our fill and we left the Hall in probably better condition than when we started. Truly in good ol’ St. Nicholas style and fashion, we did it right and we did it our way!

To everyone…you are forever in my prayers and always in my heart.

Blessings to one and all, and a million times over…thank you.




Father Manny150

Honor A Loved One With Flowers



Each Christmas and Easter at St. Nicholas we invite the community to honor and remember our dearly departed loved ones with flowers.

We are nearing the joyful feast of the Nativity of Jesus. If you like to provide funding for flowers to festoon the church, please know how grateful we are.

Place your donation in a specially marked envelope with your name, the name(s) of those you wish to remember and the amount of your offering. You may place this in the collection basket at the weekend services or you can pass it on to Manny.

In advance, thank you one and all. Let’s make Christmas truly merry with beautiful flowers that give honor to our loved ones as well as praise and glory to the New Born King.