Get Your Running Shoes On This Sunday



Let’s get the Hall and Gathering Space set up for the sale!

This Sunday after the 10am Liturgy, we go at it once again. We have to move the items from the Noah’s Ark Space and into the Hall. Also, the chairs from the Hall need to be stored in the church for the time being.

St Nick’s Knacks, A Rummage Sale August 15 and 16 – We Need You and Your Stuff

St Nick's Knacks Rummage Sale August 15-16

Well, good people, the rummage sale is now just over a week away! There is much to do. With this being our largest fund raiser of the year, we really, REALLY need everyone to help out as they can and when they can.

A sign-up sheet is posted in the Gathering Space. Please consider sharing an hour or two of your time with setting things up during the week of Aug. 10 through the 14th and during the two days of the sale on Aug. 15 and 16.
It is crucial we have plenty of our parish family involved in this. If you’re able to sit for a few hours, you are welcome to do so at the check-out tables. There’s plenty of volunteer opportunities for everyone.

This Sunday, Aug. 10th, we will move the chairs and other items out of the Hall and place them in the Noah’s Ark Space. All the rummage items in the Noah’s Ark Space along with everything already in the Hall will be placed on tables and areas for display and purchasing. We need plenty of help. We need YOU.

Also, we need:
1) The donation of your clean, sell-able items (PLEASE NO electronic equipment such as televisions, computers and monitors)
2) Clean newspaper for wrapping glass and fragile items
3) Clean plastic and/or paper bags
4) More folding tables

These items can be brought in any time. Place these items near Manny’s office. Please remember to mark your tables with your name.

This is going to be a great event…share in the fun and excitement by sharing in the work and effort! God bless us, one and all and may this year’s sale be a smashing success.

Parish Picnic TODAY July 19

Our Parish Picnic is here, at long last. This Saturday, July 19th, from 12noon to 4pm.

We’ll have food, games and fun on the front lawn, culminating with our 4:30 liturgy (weather permitting, we’ll worship outdoors). And, Little Boots Rodeo and Jack Groat will also provide some games and fun to share with one and all! St. Nicholas will supply the hot dogs and hamburgers. We ask volunteers and donors to bring side dishes, buns, snacks and some sweet treats, too.