St Nick’s Knacks, A Rummage Sale August 15-16 Needs YOU



This Sunday, Aug. 10th, we will move the chairs and other items out of the Hall and place them in the Noah’s Ark Space. All the rummage items in the Noah’s Ark Space along with everything already in the Hall will be placed on tables and areas for display and purchasing. We need plenty of help. We need YOU.

Also, we need:

  1. The donation of your clean, sell-able items (PLEASE NO electronic equipment such as televisions, computers and monitors)
  2. Clean newspaper for wrapping glass and fragile items
  3. Clean plastic and/or paper bags
  4. More folding tables

These items can be brought in any time. Place these items near Manny’s office. Please remember to mark your tables with your name.

Get Your Running Shoes On This Sunday



Let’s get the Hall and Gathering Space set up for the sale!

This Sunday after the 10am Liturgy, we go at it once again. We have to move the items from the Noah’s Ark Space and into the Hall. Also, the chairs from the Hall need to be stored in the church for the time being.

Want A Ticket To Ride? On The Lawnmower?


Take a walk down Ridge Avenue and you’ll see how the lawns are so well cared for and manicured.  St. Nicholas’ lawns are certainly no exception.  No sir.

However, in order to keep our lawns looking fine and tended, we need the helping hands of our parish family.

If you can afford a few hours a week, enjoy the great outdoors and are comfortable with a riding and push mower…well then, do we have a proposal for you!

Consider spending those few hours by caring for the lawns here at our church.  And, consider the rewards…they are absolutely heavenly.

Mike Golden has already taken his ride and what a wonderful job he did.  Eason Williams has also put his hat in the ring and will help out, too.  So, who is next?

Please see Manny for additional information.  Again, thank you to the entire Community of St. Nicholas for everything we do to keep our church alive and well.