Centering Prayer Workshop at St John of the Cross October 3

Time for quiet, peace and communing with the Lord

Time is growing short to sign up for Contemplative Outreach – Chicago’s Annual One-Day Workshop, scheduled for Saturday, October 3 at St. John of the Cross in Western Springs, Illinois.

PumpkinPrayerThere’s still time to save on your registration at the current price of $55 — on September 27th, the price goes up to $60. (If cost is an issue that might prevent you from attending, please be aware that we do have a few scholarships available.) Use quick, convenient and secure online registration, or you can download a printable form and register by mail if you prefer. Both options are available at

Act now — don’t miss the chance to join us for what promises to be a very rewarding day!

The program includes morning and afternoon sessions, with lunch provided in-between. More than 75 people have already signed up to participate in a range of thought-provoking workshop sessions, which include in-depth introductory sessions on Centering Prayer, opportunities for silent contemplation, and sessions on Thomas Merton, Cosmology and Teilhard de Chardin, ways of listening and speaking to the Divine within, the thoughts of Thomas Keating on Archetypes, and more. Complete information is available at the link provided above.

Contact: Jack Lloyd (240-216-4646 or

Complete information is available at, or contact Phil Jackson,, (847) 778-1022.

Prayer Requests


For the repose of the soul of Holly, a dear friend of Penny and Hank: “May the angels lead her into Paradise. May the martyrs come to welcome her on her way and lead her to the Holy City, Jerusalem. May the choirs of angels welcome her and with Lazarus, who was once poor, may she have everlasting life. Amen.”

For our Vernon, who currently is at Lexington Rehabilitation Center in Streamwood receiving treatment and dialysis: pray for his full and complete recovery and let us pray for Erlene that she may be blessed comfort and strength.

For Hal and Steve who will be attending the Verger’s Convention and representing St. Nicholas Church: pray for their safe travels, stirring workshops and joyful worship.

For our Lenny who took a serious fall and injured his neck and upper back: pray for a successful surgery, quick recovery and full return to an active, healthy life.

For the Syrian refugee crisis which continues to unfold in Europe: pray that government leaders around the world open their boarders and the doors of their homes to welcome these victims of violence and oppression no longer as strangers but as friends.

For all our pets and all animals: that they are treated with care, love and gentleness.

For all our St. Nicholas community members who are under the weather and in need of healing and prayers: may they find peace and be blessed with sound and better health: Joan, Courtney, Art, Karen, Sharon, Jill, Connie, Ron, Marcia, Joanne, Fran, Kesha, Mary, Eunice, Tony, K.C., Dick, Dale, Phil, Tim, Jackie, Chris, Cathy, Carrie, Tim, Pat, Lenny, Perry, Kathy J. and any one else in need of our continued prayers and well wishes.

*** “Prayers for Trina Bennett who suffered a stroke and in I.C.U.”

(***written prayer requests)