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Church Meeting to Follow Up on the Church Assessment Tool Survey

Thank you to all who participated in the recent Church Assessment Tool Survey. (C.A.T.)  The results are in.

Now it is time for us to gather as a community and openly and honestly discuss the Survey.

On Saturday, September 17th 1pm we shall gather and share the results.  The meeting will be facilitated by the Rev. Andrea Mysen, Acting Director of Ministries for our Diocese.  Andrea will be on hand to lead us in conversation and help us better understand the survey and its implications for us as a church.

We cordially and warmly invite all members of St. Nicholas to come, listen and share. As a community and a people of faith, we need these occasions to come together and do the hard yet blessed work of building a stronger church.  This is vitally important and will help us continue to outline a future plan for our church and her community of faith.  Pizza, pastry and participation, of course.  Certainly, consider staying and joining us in worship at our Saturday 4:30 Service.  All are welcome.

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