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You Are Invited

Holy Week & Easter Service Times

All are warmly invited

Maundy Thursday Service
Thursday, April 2
7:00 p.m.

This evening marks the beginning of the Triduum (three days). Tonight we begin a celebration that will not end until the exultant conclusion of the Great Vigil of Easter. We hear the story of Jesus’ sharing of himself with us, and his ultimate sacrifice of love. In washing the hands of our neighbors, as Jesus once washed the feet of his followers, we are reminded that we are called to love one another.

Good Friday Service

Friday, April 3
7:00 p.m.

When we return on Good Friday, we hear about Jesus’ betrayal, capture and trial. We hear of his humiliation, his interrogation. We are reminded that the night, for him, was long and lonely.

During the liturgy we reverence the Cross because Jesus’ death was, paradoxically, the moment of his triumph.

Blessing of Easter Food

Saturday, April 4
12:00 Noon in the Church

Blessing of Easter Baskets & Food Come and experience this ancient tradition. Bring some of the food you’ll serve on Easter Sunday and have it blessed. There are prayers of blessing for all kinds of food and drink. In Holy Saturdays past, some have even brought Easter Baskets that the Easter Bunny dropped off early! All are welcome.

The Great Vigil of Easter

Saturday, April 4
8:00 p.m.

No other service in our shared experience is as full of the heritage of our faith; no other time in the year do we gather together all of the richest metaphors and symbols of faith. We gather outside around a new fire, itself a sign of creation renewed. From it we light the paschal candle to illumine our way. As the pillar of fire led the people of Israel in the wilderness, so the paschal candle will lead us to Easter — the light of Christ our beacon. One by one, we proclaim and hear the stories of our faith. We recall our ancestors and God’s saving work among us throughout the ages — creation from a Word, the earth washed clean in the flood, the deliverance at the Red Sea, dry bones given life again. At our font we remember our own welcome into the community of faith, and we are reminded that at this font we welcome others into our faith. Finally, we hear again that death has been defeated. He is risen!

Please note: there is no 4:30 liturgy on this day.

Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 5
10:00 a.m.

Come and share the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection with this community of faith. Let it transform you. Let it give you hope. Let it give you strength. Most importantly, let it remind you to give hope to others. Let it remind you to be light for the world.

Rumor has it that the Easter Bunny will be paying a special visit to St. Nicholas after this service. While the children wait, they can enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt in true St. Nicholas style!

Holy Week: a mere seven days the changed the world and remains at the heart and soul of what all Christians hold so sacred and dear.



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Message of Support for Marriage Equality in Illinois from Bishop Jeffrey

The scriptures tell us to testify to what we have seen, and in communities and congregations across our diocese, we have seen that extending legal protection and respect to same-sex couples has created stronger, happier households and contributed to the common good. Now in Illinois, the respect afforded by civil unions has been extended to the dignity of true equality. I rejoice that it is now easier for our gay and lesbian sisters and brothers to order their lives together, to care for one another and to raise children in a stable home. Justice has been done. – The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, Episcopal Bishop of Chicago

To read Bishop Jeffrey’s statement in full, visit Episcopal Diocese of Chicago: Bishop Lee on Marriage Equality in Illinois

You Are Always Welcome at St Nicholas

Be a part of the Community of St Nicholas! Attend a support group meeting, volunteer at our twice-monthly food pantry, or come just as you are to worship Saturday evenings at 4:30PM (informal and friendly), or Sunday mornings at 10AM (somewhat more formal, but just as friendly).


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