Father Manny: Caring For Our Temples

After receiving yet another email from the downtown office of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago regarding health and well being, I finally called my primary physician and scheduled a full physical. We are blessed that our Church takes good care of its employees with a sound medical program. And certainly, I am not one to abuse such a gift, nor under-use its advantages and offerings.
Truth be told, I’ve been side tracked with other matters, those ministerial and those personal. Also, I had that nasty bout with strep throat, which was also a pretty good ‘kick in the pants’ to get into my doctor and get that full, yearly physical done!

So, that’s just what I did last Thursday. I had scheduled the appointment over a month ago and really could not cancel. Blood draw was at 7:30am…a blessing in reality as I didn’t have to fast all day. You see, the rest of the physical was not until 2:30 in the afternoon and I was preparing for several tests that were to be time consuming. It’s not that I enjoy blood tests…but if I have to have it done, better to have it all done early and enjoy a nice and filling breakfast afterward.

We all know how physicals go; poking and prodding, answering questions and that ice cold stethoscope on our chest and back. But, it’s all for the greater good, is it not?

You see my friends, taking care of this body of ours, the “temple’ which God has provided is as important as the prayers we offer, the songs we sing and the gathering as a community in the physical space we call St. Nicholas Church. The church structure at 1072 Ridge Avenue is where we celebrate our Christian faith, in our storied and historical Anglican tradition. But, our bodies are what God has designed, molded and shaped and it carries our mortal life. Without our life, we are memories and memories can not worship, can not fill a church, can not sing God’s praises. No. We have to be good to this temple we call our body and make sure it is rested when tired, fed when hungry, given water when thirsty, educated often, exercised often, cleaned and yes, even pampered. too. We do the same for our church structure, do we not? We clean it. We update those things that need updating and repairing. We protect the investment we have been given. And, we gather as a community of faith, a people of God, friends and neighbors with one another to worship and socialize.

So, in a round-about way — and not to sound like a public-service message — I ask us all to take good care of ourselves, please. Be good to the temple God has placed our life within so we can, for many, many years to come, gather and celebrate, worship and socialize at that lovely church on Ridge Avenue in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, okay? I think I’ll go for a healthy walk and say my prayers as I go. Anyone wish to join me? All are welcome!



Father Manny150

What’s Happening At St Nick’s? Mark Your Calendars Now!

Ah spring. At long last…winter has left us. Comfortable breezes and April showers bring us hope of even warmer and more pleasant days ahead. And, with spring comes our planning for the busy summer months; family gatherings, community events and parish ventures, too.

So, let’s start getting our calendars ready, let’s see where we can help out and how we can all make a difference:

May 25 – August 31: Walk For Your Neighbor. New to the houses of worship in the Village, this event raises revenue for the Housing Fund which provides services to those in need. While we walk we earn $$ which is pledged by family and friends. What a great way to stay in shape while providing much needed support to our less fortunate sisters and brothers. See Manny for more details.

June 7: Elk Grove’s Relay for Life. A family-community event sponsored by Elk Grove Village High School to raise funds for the continued fight against cancer. The Relay Race will take place at 11am on Saturday the 7th of June. For more information please contact our Lisette Rodriguez and/or Committee Member Eileen McWherter at 847-819-3850.

June 21 / 22: Little Boots Rodeo. St. Nicholas will again staff the “Pennies in the Hay” game, which was the 2nd most visited booth at last year’s event! We’ll need volunteers to staff the booth for both Saturday and Sunday.

This year’s theme for the Elk Grove Village Parade is “Under the Big Top.” So, what will St. Nicholas do for this parade? Calling all clowns. Stay tuned for exact date, time and what we’re going to do.

July 19th, Noon – 4pm: St. Nicholas Parish Picnic. We’ll gather for a day of fun, family, food and faith as we’ll conclude the day with our 4:30 Liturgy and weather permitting, we’ll gather for worship outdoors, too.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia! Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad, for Christ is Risen


To my dear St. Nicholas community – my sisters and brothers in faith,

This is the feast which surpasses all feasts. This is the feast that brings us the fullness of joy and and the fulfillment of God’s divine promise to us, God’s children: the resurrection of Jesus the Christ from the grave brings us New Life and a share in Paradise.

I wish to share with you my fullest and deepest blessings and my love which, first and foremost, is rooted in Our Lord and graciously and willingly shared with each and everyone.

Happy Easter. Celebrate and rejoice, my friends . . . Jesus is alive and His reign shall last forever and ever.

Your brother and friend,



Father Manny150

Vicar, St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

[editor's note: this post was scheduled for 9pm Saturday April 19, during the Great Vigil of Easter when Christ's light is revealed to the world]