Centering Prayer Workshop at St John of the Cross October 3

Time for quiet, peace and communing with the Lord

Time is growing short to sign up for Contemplative Outreach – Chicago’s Annual One-Day Workshop, scheduled for Saturday, October 3 at St. John of the Cross in Western Springs, Illinois.

PumpkinPrayerThere’s still time to save on your registration at the current price of $55 — on September 27th, the price goes up to $60. (If cost is an issue that might prevent you from attending, please be aware that we do have a few scholarships available.) Use quick, convenient and secure online registration, or you can download a printable form and register by mail if you prefer. Both options are available at

Act now — don’t miss the chance to join us for what promises to be a very rewarding day!

The program includes morning and afternoon sessions, with lunch provided in-between. More than 75 people have already signed up to participate in a range of thought-provoking workshop sessions, which include in-depth introductory sessions on Centering Prayer, opportunities for silent contemplation, and sessions on Thomas Merton, Cosmology and Teilhard de Chardin, ways of listening and speaking to the Divine within, the thoughts of Thomas Keating on Archetypes, and more. Complete information is available at the link provided above.

Contact: Jack Lloyd (240-216-4646 or

Complete information is available at, or contact Phil Jackson,, (847) 778-1022.

Backpack and Animal Blessing Saturday 03OCT & Sunday 04OCT

Backpack and Pet Blessing

Bring your backpack and your pets to share in the blessings and joy!

Now that school is back in full force, why not make sure we send our little scholars out with something extra special? On Saturday, October 3rd and again on Sunday, October 4th, we will bless all backpacks and any other such carrying cases.

Far be it from us to forget our beloved pets. To honor and celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, who found such joy in God’s creatures, we, too, will celebrate our pets with a special blessing.

Parents: make sure your kids bring their backpacks and pets. Kids: remind your folks so they don’t forget to remind you!

Any time we can share in a blessing, well my friends, this is truly a good, right and holy thing.


Patheos: Why I Am (Still) An Episcopalian

I found this post in my “Episcopalian food for thought” feed and thought you might enjoy.

Why am I (still) an Episcopalian? Because it was there for me in my faith journey years ago, and it’s still gently leading me forward, with poetic liturgy and heart-lifting music that brings me quiet joy. And I am glad that we will be lead into the future by Bishop Michael, especially in these times.

The Right Reverend Michael Curry

I am not Episcopalian because I imagine we’re ever going to be on top of the culture again — but I am encouraged by the fact that the Episcopal Church has come out on the far side of many of the Culture War questions still dividing other Christian denominations and causing those outside the Church to consider Christians prejudiced, homophobic, paranoid, or fixated on morality at the expense of justice.


The recent election of the dynamic preacher — and our first African-American presiding bishop — Michael Curry even makes me believe we might have a major role in addressing one of the crucial questions of our time, race in America.I’m not Episcopalian because I think the Church needs me — but I am Episcopalian because a faithful community from this tradition saved me, and I know many others could tell similar stories. God spoke to me in the words, love, and actions of Episcopalians when I had no hope and the future seemed, at best, impossible. As much as I love the great gifts of common worship, love of beauty, and thoughtful exploration handed down to us from the Anglican tradition,


I am Episcopalian — still — because in the faces of other Episcopalians, I saw — and see — the Face of God.


For that, for this life I did not expect to continue living, for the joy I find now, I thank God.


And because of that, I will love and serve God through the Episcopal Church for as long as I am allowed to walk this planet.

Source: Why I Am (Still) An Episcopalian

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Ginny Gibbs