Blessed Martin, pastor, prophet


Holy God You Raise Up Prophets

Music by Carl Haywood
Words by Harold T. Lewis
This hymn available on a CD from The Office of Black Ministries

1. Holy God, you raise up prophets,
Praise and honor do we sing.
For your faithful, humble servant,
Doctor Martin Luther King.

Refrain: Blessed Martin, pastor, prophet,
You the mountaintop did see;
Blessed Martin, holy martyr:
Pray that we may all be free.

2. Moral conscience of his nation,
Reconciling black and white,
Dreamed he of a just society,
We must carry on his fight.

3. Teacher of Christ-like non-violence
To the outcast, poor and meek;
Greater weapon ?gainst oppression
Is to turn the other cheek.

4. Preacher of Christ?s love for neighbor,
He won Nobel?s prize for peace;
Peoples, beat your swords to plough shares,
Wars ?twixt nations all shall cease.

5. Champion of oppressed humanity
Suff?ring throughout all the world;
He offered pride and dignity
Let Christ?s banner be unfurled!

6. So, when felled by sniper?s bullet,
Under heavens overcast,
He could cry, ?Thank God Almighty,
I am free, I?m free at last.?

The choir will sing this hymn Sunday to commemorate the martyrdom of Dr. King. The photo was taken by the webmistress on a trip to England in 2003; it depicts 10 modern martyrs who died for faith and freedom. Dr. King is depicted to the left of center, wearing the gown of a Baptist preacher. A larger version is on this gallery page.

Choir practice time and day will be changing at the end of the month, so check the calendar for an update.

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